PlyFastner® : Plywood Fastening System

At Gulf Wind Protection we recognize people may need an alternative to Hurricane Fabric when last minute preparation for a storm is needed. We want everyone facing a storm event to have the highest level of protection. This can mean a last minute preparation that involves installing plywood. Installing plywood can be a real tough job. Simply screwing sheets of plywood into walls with wood screws or driving in nails is not a reliable nor code approved system. Plus, it can damage the structure, creating post storm costs for repairs. 

Gulf Wind Protection helps to make plywood installation quick & easy!!


PlyFastner® is a simple yet highly effective plywood installation system that provides home and business owners with an easy, quick method of attaching plywood to structures that is tested to meet wind protection standards.

Plywood as a  Last Resort

Covering your windows and doors with plywood should only be a last-resort alternative to preparing your home or business by installing actual storm shutters. It is important to know that plywood that is not properly attached to your house can rip off during high winds and become a projectile that can cause serious harm to your and your neighbor's property. If plywood is your choice of storm shutter prepare you home in advance by installing PlyFastner protection system.

See Emergency Board Up for detailed instructions about building plywood shutters.

The Myth of Masking Tape

Many people still believe they can use masking tape to protect their windows when a hurricane is on its way. This is a myth. Imagine a mail box that has been ripped from the ground, post and all, by a 120 mph wind gust. A dangerous projectile will not even slow down as it passes through masking tape. Windows are best protected with impact-resistant glass or hurricane shutters. 

PlyFastner® meets the following standards:

SBCCI PST & ESI Evaluation Report #2247.

SSTD 12-99 as per ASTM E 1886-97.

Florida Building Code requirements.

International Building Code requirements.

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